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"While we have had many motivational speakers over the years, we have never had a speaker who was as inspiring as Mike Flynt. He tells his compelling story with the wisdom born of experience and with the humor honed by someone who is comfortable in his own skin. This is not a “sports” story, nor even really a football story—although for us sports junkies, there is some of that. It is more about personal growth and perseverance towards accomplishing a goal. Mike is a wonderful story teller, and his story is one definitely worth telling. Many thanks to Mike for reminding us to dare to dream!"

Theresa Crow
Director of Programming
Middle Tennessee Paralegal Association

"Mike provided us with a top-notch story of how each of us can become inspired and motivated to make a difference to others in our lives."
“Mike so graciously returned to his hometown of Odessa, Texas to be our guest speaker at our annual fundraiser benefiting the athletic department at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Mike provided us with a top-notch story of how each of us can become inspired and motivated to make a difference to others in our lives. His story is awe inspiring. He has used his abilities, beliefs and compassion to influence many. Mike, thanks so very much for sharing your amazing story with us.”

Stacey Fuqua

Development Officer

University of Texas, Permian Basin

“I can’t say enough good things about Mike Flynt and the way he shares his message. He tells a great story with heart and emotion that will make you laugh, but also make you think. He challenges and motivates in a way that is very compelling. He captivated the attention of our executives and the positive feedback I received from my team was fantastic.”

Marty Smith
President, Division 3
Community Health Systems

"Mike Flynt speaks from the heart. His compelling message of strength and faith despite his setbacks inspired our community. His genuine story of determination and courage throughout his trials and struggles encouraged our students to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams.


Mike's integrity and honesty as he shared his life experiences expanded our staff's view and understanding of the power of belief and of a team united for one purpose. His passion for positively influencing the lives of students made an impact in our community that will not be soon forgotten."

Dr. Audrey Arnold,
Superintendent of Schools White Settlement ISD
White Settlement, Texas

"Mike did a superlative job when he spoke here in Houston at the monthly Oilfield Christian Fellowship luncheon held in the Houston First Baptist Church.  He is everything we look for in a speaker; sharing what his life was like before as a lost person and why/how he came to know Christ as his personal Savior, and then fulfilling a dream that few men in the history of sports have ever realized.

Mike is a man’s man. He is humble and yet comes across as the genuine man that he is. His story needs to be repeated at men’s gatherings across the nation, as many men will easily identify with his life, and for a few moments will vicariously identify with his unprecedented success.

 I highly recommend him as a speaker and promise that you will not be disappointed upon hearing his presentation or reading his excellent book, "The Senior.”


John Bird, Oilfield Christian Fellowship

"Mike made a presentation to 400 pharmacists that was both motivational and inspirational.  Mike gave them all something to laugh about and something to think about. I absolutely believe that all our pharmacists walked away with some positive change in their attitude and life.  I could not have found a better speaker with a better message. Thank you Mike Flynt!"

Jeff Joslin, PharmD.

Kroger Pharmacy 

"Mike did an excellent job as our speaker. He was funny, serious, wove his Christian faith into the presentation, and just made you feel good.

We hear great speakers every week at the club and his was one the best in a long time, truly enjoyable."


Fred Chaney

Salesmanship Club

Dallas, Texas

"Incredible!!! Mike Flynt exceeded all expectation when speaking at our annual Juice Plus+ Fall Conference. He lifted the energy in the room to a whole new level. His personal journey and the way he tells it is so genuine. If you ever get a chance to hear “The Senior” speak, you will not be disappointed."

Thanks for everything Mike,
D.J. Paganoni…..Events Producer…..NSA Sales and Marketing Team

Thanks again for coming to speak at the San Angelo Prayer Breakfast. Upwards of 1000, including over 200 students from high schools and Angelo State University, attended and feedback on the meeting has been 100% positive - not one negative comment have I heard! Sandra Hulse has heard all 16 speakers over as many years and said this - "We've had some fine programs, but I believe this is the best speaker ve've ever had!" Mike, you were entertaining, articulate, and a riveting storyteller.  Your message to be your own person, have confidence in yourself, and not let others set your limitations is right on target and valuable to all, regardless of age.

Max Hulse, Director

National Prayer Breakfast

San Angelo, Texas

The purpose of this communication is to express extreme appreciation to you for the phenomenal presentation at Rockwall ISD Administrative Team Advance.  Unanimously, the attendees were overwhelmingly appreciative of your dialogue and your willingness to share knowledge, skills, and abilities with the group.  All agreed that the Administrative Team Advance was the single best in RISD history.  How fortunate our world is to have Mike Flynt as a respected leader! Again, thank you so very much!

M. Joan Terry, Ph.D.

Rockwall Independent School District

Mike was super...great story!!!

Salesmanship Club Speech in Dallas, Texas

We really enjoyed listening to Mike.  It is amazing where he came from in his family life, and how he got through it.  He has a very strong message for both fathers and sons as they have a journey through this life together.  Mike made me want to be a better father!

Jeff Barnes


Today we are in dire need of positive role models for our kids.  Mike Flynt has the exact message that they need to hear. Someone needs to positively affirm to our children that they are uniquely gifted and their ability to succeed is limited only by what they hear from the outside. 

Fred Hoster

Salesmanship Club, Dallas, Texas

Mike did a superlative job when he spoke here in Houston at the monthly Oilfield Christian Fellowship luncheon held in Houston First Baptist Church.  He is everything we look for in a speaker- sharing what his life was like before as a lost person and whu/how he came to know Christ as his personal Savior, and then fulfilling a dream that few men in the history of sports have ever realized.

Rob Farrell

Oilfield Christian Fellowship 

Mike Flynt's talk was both moving and inspirational...his message of determination and redemption mixed in with a lot of humor was both entertaining and motivating.  No matter your age, you'll enjoy Mike Flynt!

Rick Baker, President of the Cotton Bowl Association

Mike Flynt's story was fantastic!  Mike's childhood and upbringing were both sad but encouraging and hilarious in the way he presented it!

Salesmanship Club, Dallas, Texas

We had Mike Flynt - THE SENIOR - come to  Ruidoso, New Mexico for this year's National Day of Prayer Breakfast.  This was our 11th annual Prayer Breakfast and the response from those who attended, both young and old, was the most positive we have ever experienced.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike Flynt.  His talk was certainly entertaining - but, more importantly, it was motivating, inspiring and spiritually uplifting for all who heard him.

Jerry Severson

Lincoln County Prayer Breakfast

I was excited that Mike Flynt accepted our invitation to speak at the NSCA National Conference at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. His message was well received by the nation's strength coaches.  I didn't realize Mike was such a great speaker.  He provided not only an informative positive message for young athletes, but it was also very motivational.  I especially enjoyed the part about Mike coming off the football field to see his family near the sideline and his grandson there to cheer him on!

Boyd Epley, M.Ed, CSCS, MSCC, FNSCA

Director of Coaching Performance

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Colorado Springs, CO

I read an inspirational story in the San Antonio News about a 59-year-old man who returned to collegiate football in order to fulfill a lifelong dream.  Fact is, he walked onto the football team at Sul Ross State University and, after many grueling two-a-day practices, made the team.  The story was exhilarating and I realized that this man, Mike Flynt, was the person that I had been looking for as my guest speaker at the annual football banquet.  He gave a wonderful, heartfelt speech at our annual Del Rio Ram Football Banquet in Del Rio, Texas I was impressed to say the least and highly recommend Mike as a guest speaker at any event, regardless of its purpose or content.

Darren Smokey Johnson

Vice-President, Ram Football Booster

Del Rio, Texas

Mike, you have a remarkable story and testimony.  I wanted you to know how many lives were changed as a result of you sharing your story at First Baptist Church of Panama City.  We had over 90 professions of faith from around 1000 men in attendance.  I think that is remarkable and speaks volumes of your ability to communicate your story of how the Lord changed your life, and  it changed the lives of around 10% of the men. Thank you for all you did for our local community that evening and all you do to help bring people to Christ! 

Jay Hancock

First Baptist Church Wildgame Dinner

Panama City, Florida

Our team overall thoroughly enjoyed your program…I think your story is phenomenal for any type of organization. Making mistakes and having regrets is just part of life, but what you choose to do or not do about them is your choice. Your story of perseverance, hard work, determination and never listening to anyone around you that said that’s impossible will resonate with anyone in any progressive organization that wants their employees pushing the envelope, bringing creative and free thinking, pushing for growth over their skills to be the best they can be.


Best to you & yours and let me know when I can buy books for the entire team…..


Thank you!


Adam H. Noyes | CEO

Proof of the Pudding


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