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By T. Johnson "Pastor Tere" (Morgan Hill, CA USA)

A thoroughly enjoyable read! Being over 50 and an ex-jock, the cover got my attention right away - a 59 year old guy going back to college to play football, give me a break. The first few pages pulled me in and I was hooked. I appreciate Mike's authenticity in sharing his early years, warts and all before growing into a fine man and inspiration. Way to go Mike - glad you were able to redeem yourself and share your story with the rest of us!


By Big Daddy (Raleigh, NC)

I couldn't put this book down. Read it at one sitting. Although many people won't understand Flynt's mindset about fist fighting it is one shared by many of us that were raised in West Texas. The book was excellent and I invite everyone to read this. Quite inspirational.


By Rick Goldstein "Rick Shaq Goldstein" (Danville, Ca, USA) -

The author, Mike Flynt is a fifty-nine-year-old former high school and college football player whose senior college season was cut short when he was kicked off the team and out of school... after a fight... that may or may not have been his fault... but this fight... when added to the already accrued total of fights and arrests on his record... tipped the scales to the point... that the college, Sul Ross State... didn't care... they just wanted him gone from the University. For thirty-six years after the ending of his college career, this one incident festered like an open wound in his soul... and Mike always felt it was the biggest mistake in his life... he felt he let his teammates down.
The author leads you through his life starting with his Father - a grizzled World War II veteran who taught his son to box at an early age... and to always be "MENTALLY-READY" for life on the "streets". Mike went to high school at Odessa, Texas Permian High School... the school that was the inspiration for the book, movie, and TV series, "FRIDAY-NIGHT-LIGHTS". In fact Mike was a member of the 1965 Class 4A Football State Champions... the first championship team at that now famous school.

In 2007 he was coerced by his former Sul Ross University teammates to attend a class reunion. When he attended the Reunion, and while having a few beers and celebrating the "Glory-Days"... the conversation led to the fact that Mike still had a year of college athletic eligibility left. Though fifty-nine-years old, Mike was in tremendous physical shape... and one thing led to another... The "steak"... and heart and soul of this story... is Mike's journey... from brawler... multiple arrests and nights in jail... to successful man... successful Father/husband/Grandfather... and a man who found God.

This book is about a tremendous journey... the destination is simply what got the story told!


By Yoga Dad -

I actually just got to read this book over the past 2 days and it was inspiring on so many levels!

It's an incredible true story of a man haunted by regrets of the past and the chance of redemption. It tells of one man's spiritual awakening and transformation. And it's a lesson to all people that life is a process, that you can keep moving forward regardless of chronological age.


I was actually fortunate enough to have the honor of meeting Mike Flynt about a year and a half ago. I didn't really know much about him at the time, I was actually in the process of studying to become a certified personal trainer at 48 years old (my own second chance in life, one also interrupted by my own adversity, as I was losing the use of my left arm in middle of this process due to old injuries from a car wreck. That led to cervical spine surgery a month before I took my certification exam!).


I was already in the process of purchasing equipment to use in my future second profession, such as stability balls, medicine balls, all sorts of other equipment. I found out about the Powerbase unit because my son's middle school used them sometimes in P.E. class and it seemed like a great tool for me to use to train folks at their homes.


Anyway, I had emailed the company and Mike Flynt got back to me personally. I live in the same town (Franklin, TN) and he went out of his way to meet with me when I bought the unit. Not only that, he knew my son was a dedicated football player and he spent about 30 minutes giving me ideas to share with my son on training in general and ideas of the Powerbase as well. I was stunned that this man, who had never met me before, was willing to take so much of his free time with a complete stranger. This was after his year at Sul Ross and things were already quite hectic for him with the book upcoming and other related projects. I'm just mentioning this to show the kind of person he is, a true gentleman with a big heart.


I had no idea of Mike Flynt's past, I would never have believed the gentle man I had met could have been such a hot tempered, quick fisted youth. I had no idea that he had been through so much adversity in his past.

This story is also about the relationships he formed with not only his teammates of the past but his teammates of his "senior" year at Sul Ross -how he inspired those young men and the impact they had on him.

On another level, this book was just an incredibly entertaining read, a wonderful story, one that I hope will be made into a movie because I think it will be another venue for people to be exposed to this incredible journey filled with life lessons that anyone can be inspired by.

A Life Examined., December 22, 2008
By Jack L. Cooper "yankeluh" (Corpus Christi, TX United States) -

Socrates is quoted as saying "An unexamined life is not worth living." Well, Mike Flynt's life is one that was very well lived because not only has he examined it, but now everyone is examining it.

As one who knows Mike from "the old days" and attended the "Sul Ross Baby Boomers" reunion where his comeback started, I watched everything from the sidelines. His book carries forward his story beautifully. Mike was an exceptionally talented linebacker. After watching him sack opposing quarterbacks I realized I made the correct decision in being a cheerleader. When Mike was expelled because of "the fight" I felt that he had truly gotten the short end of the stick, and I had always wondered what happened to him.

For those of us who had lost touch with him, his reputation as a pugilist is best summed up by the comment of a mutual friend when sitting in the lobby of the hotel while people arrived. One alumni asked, "Is that Mike Flynt over there?" Another replied, "Naw, couldn't be. That guy has been there for five minutes and hasn't fought anybody."

Other reviews have addressed the story of Mike's redemption. My thoughts go more to how Mike's story affected all of his friends who vicariously joined in his experience. We all have been able to revisit a wonderful time in our lives and have been rejuvenated by his experience. People who never knew Mike followed his trials and tribulations through all of us who did. Now they have a chance to read his book and feel what we all felt. Mike had the chance many of us never have; that chance for a do-over. Read Mike's story; it will mean as much to you as to all of us who attended his games and cheered him on. He is a man who has come full circle, from impetuous youth to a man who is solid as a rock in his faith and love of family. I feel honored to have been able to watch him from the sidelines. You will truly enjoy this book.

Redemption, November 23, 2008
By Barbara B. Smith "horse crazy" (greenbrier, United States) -

This is a story about a man who tells how much he loved football and his father. His father had a hard life and he wished his son to be able to take care of himself. Mike took his father's rules with him a long time until they began to stand in his way. He still wanted to play football at 59. His life fell into place where he had the opportunity to talk about this to his old school, Sul Ross. I believe the book has many life lessons with Mike's journey the road of Redemption.

Inspiring..., October 11, 2008
By Debra Gaynor "Debra Gaynor" (Hawesville, KY USA) -

Mike Flynt, Don Yaeger
Thomas Nelson, 2008
ISBN: 9780849920639
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 10/08
5 stars

Mike Flynt grew up in a tough family. He learned to fight when he was young. During his senior year at Sul Ross State University, he was the Captain of the football team. Unfortunately, he was kicked off the team for fighting.
Flynt married and raised a family, but was filled with regrets for not completing his senior year. Friends and family encouraged the 59-year-old man to return to college. Flynt is a man to be admired. There are few true heroes in today's world; Flynt is one of them. He demonstrated courage, humility, perseverance, and willpower.
It is never too late and we are never too old to capture our dreams. The Senior is an incredible story. I am not a football fan (sorry Mike), but I am a Mike Flynt fan. His story is a true inspiration. The photographs add much to the story. The writing style is conversational and enjoyable. Whether you are a football fan or not you will enjoy The Senior.


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Autographed by Mike Flynt.










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