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Faith and Fitness

Former strength and conditioning Coach Mike Flynt invented the patented Powerbase system.  Mike is a certified Master of Fitness Sciences, Youth fitness trainer and a former strength and conditioning specialist at the University of Nebraska, University of Oregon and Texas A&M University. One of the original founders of the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Mike has years of experience in changing the physiques and improving the health and lives of clients of all ages.


The Powerbase is a portable strength training device that utilizes resistance tubing attached to an industrial grade plastic base to provide progressive resistance to the user. The tubing used is manufactured specifically for Powerbase Fitness, LLC and is the very finest quality tubing available.  Weighing less than four pounds, and offering over 150 pounds of resistance, the Powerbase allows you to conveniently achieve a quality workout when and where you want to train.  With normal use, the tubing used by Powerbase will more than meet your strength training needs for many years and many thousands of repetitions.


Worldwide, thousands of adults, seniors, athletes, children, fitness trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and people suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes and arthritis, are using the Powerbase training system to effectively lose weight, improve overall body strength, enhance athletic skills, rehabilitate injuries and achieve and maintain peak physical fitness.


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